The European Linden is so poor a tree in most parts of the United States, as to be rarely in demand now. The American Linden on the other hand, is one of the most popular and most valuable ornamental trees we have. By the following from the Garden, it would seem that even in Europe, the American species has a good character. The paragraph seems to be from Mr. Robinson's own pen :

"We have so often condemned the common Lime tree for towns, that we make haste to do justice to the American Lime as a street tree. It retains its leaves quite fresh long after those of the European Lime have perished. There is a very fine variety of this lime, raised a good many years ago by M. Froebel, of Zurich, of which there is one specimen tree planted in a street in Zurich, where it may be seen and compared with Tilia alba, from which it was raised, and the European Lime. Judging from what is seen there, it would seem to be a very valuable variety. It is called spectabilis by the raisers".