"A very handsome Centaury-like hardy annual, with golden flowers, discovered in Texas some fifty years ago, and since found by many collectors, but never introduced into European gardens till within the last few years. It was published both in Europe and America, and as a new genus, first as Xanthisma by the elder De Candolle in the 'Prodromus' in 1836, and in about 1842 as Centauridium by Torrey and Gray in the 'Flora of North America.' Xanthisma is closely allied to the great American genus Haplopappus, which extends from California to Patagonia. The figure in 'Marcy's Expedition' is a very bad one, and represents the pappus as two distinctly double, the corolla of the ray as acute, which is owing to the margins being involute in a dry state; it omits the hairs on the achenes, and the minute serratures of the foliage. This plant flowered in Kew in November last." - Botanical Magazine, 6275).