A Michigan correspondent says: "At the Annual Meeting of our Society to be held in Paw Paw, ' The Yellows on the Peach,' will be a leading topic of discussion. It is a very important matter with us. We have watched for information from the East for years, while it has been encroaching upon our Peach belt, and have failed to get much. Only last week I read in the N. Y. Tribune, a short article speaking of it as a 'fungoid disease.' This seems very strange to us at this late date; it looks as if the editor had found an old article in a scrap-book a decade ago, and rehashed it for 1878. Our people have been trying everything with no satisfaction in receiving a cure. Digging out by the roots has been the only effectual method. What we want are more scientific facts concerning the disease. Will you give the latest information at your command on the subject? "

[We do not remember the article in the New York Tribune, referred to, but there is nothing more certain than that the yellows in the Peach is a root fungus. This is so easily ascertained by anybody who will take the trouble to look and see for himself with an ordinary pocket lens, or to inquire with his nose, if he has no lens, and no "cold in his head," that we look on all discussion as to the cause of the yellows as time thrown away. - Ed. G-. M].