A Large Potato Order

It is an ill wind that blows no one any good. A Dublin seedsman has received an order from the Duchess of Marlborough for 1200 tons of seed potatoes to be distributed among the starving poor in the southwest of Ireland. It is stipulated that they must be all of one specified variety - the Scotch Champion. If each poor person gets ten pounds of seed, this would start two thousand seven hundred people in potato growing again, from this single order.

Some Large Cucumbers

There may not be much more value in a large cucumber than a small one to some people; but those who do not want to pare all the cucumber away in skinning are not among the number. Besides this, a large cucumber in the winter time is a proof of superior horticultural skill. Mr. Thos. Love, at Dr. Linderman's, at Bethlehem, had unusually fine ones this winter. They ran about seventeen inches long.

The Sky Lark In America

The Duke of Argyle will probably be surprised to learn that the sky lark was introduced into this country about twenty years ago by John Gorgas, then of this city, now deceased, and let free by the hundred in this vicinity. A few were seen after the first winter, but in the second year nothing was heard of them. Probably our winters are too severe for them. I do not wish by this to deter any one from trying it again, but merely to honor one who did so at his own expense.

Premium To Mr. Darwin

The Academy of Sciences of Turin, has awarded Mr. Darwin a premium of about $2,500 for his discoveries in botanical science. Mr. Darwin will appreciate it the more as coming from that part of the world. The North of Europe has generally shown the most appreciation of scientific progress.

New Or Rare Native Plants

Young botanists may be in hope of finding new plants, or new stations for old ones, even in much explored locations. Dr. Gattinger, of Nashville, has recently found near Nashville, Leaven-worthia stylosa, new, - and Leavenworthia toru-losa, only found before in the barrens of Kentucky. As to the old and new locations, a distinguished botanist recently said to the writer that he believed he could yet find more new species in New England than in Colorado.

English Names

A nurseryman recently showed us an order he had received for a plant of " the great flowered and panicle producing Hortensia." The writer was evidently much opposed to hard latin names, and was badly put about to find a soft and easy one.