It is remarkable that while those who are writing about American Forestry, do little to tell us of forestry in our own land, a distinguished European has written a work specially on American Forestry. It gives such an excellent history, that we have had it translated for American readers.

The name of Booth is so familiar to Americans in connection with the celebrated Flottbeck Nurseries at Hamburg, that we need only say that Mr. John Booth, the author of this work, has been for many years the senior partner in the old firm of James Booth & Sons As a botanist and a man of general science, he has given his nurseries an enviable character for accuracy among the establishments of Europe His interest in forestry is so well known, that on many occasions he has been chosen by the German government to be its representative in several international forestry conventions. These facts alone will make it of interest to learn what such a man knows of us.