The Standard of Sept. 27, in its report of the recent excavations at Pompeii thus speaks of the discoveries that were made: " As it was impossible to be at all the points of interest, ten new excavations being carried on simultaneously, I went, being advised by those most competent to judge, to section No. 9, and there, in a small division parallel to that already numbered five, the curiosity of the spectators was. soon richly rewarded. Almost with the first strokes of pick and spade, used, by the way, as only Pompeiian diggers know how, there came to light a quantity of household objects, chiefly of those light and beautiful forms and delicate workmanship to be found in even the humble Pompeiian dwellings. A detailed list of the various articles in the order in which they were found fills six closely-written pages in my note-book. They were bronze amphora lamps, brooches, bracelets, delicate vases, and one very large and elegant bronze candlestick, earthen vessels of various forms, fragments of glass, amongst which were the pieces of a lovely little glass vase of the most brilliant blue color. The belongings of the upper and under stories of this little house were curiously mingled together, objects of mere ornament being mixed up with kitchen utensils.

Then came some large tiles and fragments of a large beam of wood, showing that the roof had been crushed in on the lower stories. It is judged to have been the shop of a seedsman, for besides some bronze scales and weights, several large heaps of small beans, grain and hemp seed came to light, with portions of wooden casks and canvas sacks in which they had been kept. One piece of sacking which I had in my hand, still tied with a bit of string, was wonderfully perfect, although quite black".