Apple Trade

It is hard to decide which way the current of trade flows. The California papers of last winter had glowing accounts of successful and profitable shipments of apples to California; and now we have in London papers accounts of the " successful importation of one hundred boxes of apples from Adelaide by steamer Lusi-tania." It is hard to see what the apple wants to be thus wandering all around the world.

Artificial Water In Gardens

Whenever we have heard people deride Colorado because they have to depend on irrigation for most of the water for their growing crops, we have thought that it would not be bad for eastern growers to have at command artificial conveniences. Strawberry growers east would have found a wind-mill for a water pump a paying investment for strawberry beds the past May. They were nearly ruined by the May drouth. Those who could have commanded a Colorado ditch would have made a fortune.

Paper From Grass

The Irish papers are urging the feasibility of planting the Purple Melic Grass - Melica purpurea - on the bogs of Ireland, in order to encourage the extensive manufacture of paper.

Pear Comte De Lamay

Though a small fruit, this variety is highly praised as a good autumn pear in England.

Apples For The South

At a recent meeting of the Texas Pomological Society, Mr. T. V. Munson read a letter from Dr. Watkins, of Georgia, giving a list of twelve varieties of apples which his experience has proven best adapted to the Southern climate. The list embraces the Red June, the Astrachan, the Horse, Southern Greening and others, the names of which your reporter did not catch.

Fruit Culture In North Carolina

N. W. C, Red Plains, N. C, writes: "Our country Here will, in a few years, become one of the greatest fruit sections in the land, though this present season the fruit crop is very short, except the grape, which shows fair for a plentiful crop.

The Movements Of Plants

Mr. Charles Darwin, the industrious worker among the mysteries of plant-life, is earnestly at work studying those plants which have peculiar motions, and will probably publish ere long. Though advancing in years he is comparatively strong and vigorous, and all will hope that he will have yet many more years in which to continue his useful labors.

Drouth In Kansas

Kansas seems to be falling back on its original drouthy reputation. A correspondent from Fort Larned writes that not a soaking rain has fallen between the Big Arkansas and the Rocky Mountains in twenty-two months, and that the Arkansas River is entirely dry from Hutchinson westward. Large numbers of settlers are leaving.