A. M., says: " I have been looking over the February number of the Monthly, and think you are mistaken about the Buffalo Grass not growing at Cheyenne, as I saw it at Greely, midway between Cheyenne and Denver this last summer. I am pleased to see that Mr. Elder was elected superintendent of the National Antietam Cemetery in which I have a strong interest, being a participant of the fearful battle that brought it into existence. He has a fine scope to work on, but very poor soil. Accept congratulations on your increased editorial age".

[The true Buffalo Grass is known to grow on the plains below Denver, but it is doubtful whether it ever gets up into the mountains. All sorts of things are pointed out to travelers as " Buffalo Grass." Oftener than anything else it is a kind of Bouteloua. We once knew a very intelligent gentleman who " saw a magnificent field of hemp," which proved to be nothing but luxuriant Erigeron Canadense. - Ed. G. M].