C. C. Langdon

This gentleman, whose retirement from the nursery business in favor of his son, we have recently noted, has been nominated by one of the political parties in Alabama as a candidate for the Alabama House of Representatives.

The Paterson Nurseries

The greenhouses of the Greenbrook and Paterson Nurseries, at Paterson, New Jersey, recently took fire, it is believed, by the act of an incendiary, and damaged to the extent of $15,000.

Floral Art In England

Only recently has an agency for Meehan's Flowers and Ferns been established in London. The agent writes that the first two copies purchased were bought for Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales.

A New Work On Botany

A new work on plants as living things, by Prof. Bessey, of Iowa, is announced as in course of publication.

Notes And Queries. #2

A correspondent says: " That's right! Plug the errors !

Infusion of Silica for Soup! Confused Catalpas! Pronumba on Yucca filamentosa!

Freezing Of The Sap

A hundred bottles of water on Boston Common would all split if one did.' - O. K.

A Lover Of Pears

It is said of Col. Wilder that every morning in the year hn regularly enjoys his dish of well-ripened pears from his own orchard.

It has been done, can be done, but is not always done, that is, 'Pears every morning in the year for breakfast. Strike out pears and insert fruit, and it will still hold true.'

Portage County, Ohio, Horticultural Society

Other counties of Ohio seem likely to contest with the famous Montgomery ones claims to celebrity. Here before us is a report of a creditable beginning. The meeting was held at Raveuna. Strawberries and flowers were the chief attractions. An essay on the Strawberry was read by Mr. Matthew Crawford. What will the advocates of the newer Strawberries say to the following about a very old kind, and which was very famous in its day:

Maryland Horticultural Society

This flourishing Society had a good exhibition at its June meeting. We have a list of those to whom premiums were awarded, but unfortunately no details of the quality of the articles exhibited that would render the report of interest to distant readers.

The Best Rose

In France recently they tried to find out what was the best Rose by vote. La France had 79 votes, while Marie Van Houtte had but 25. The old La Reine had 42, and General Jacqueminot 52. These votes are like our fruit votes. The one which is the most extensively grown will get the most votes, because half the voters do not know of many other kinds. But it is a superb kind.