The Riverside Press tells us that one firm received $794 for the raisins made from 890 grape vines, - and that the total expenses were $478.88. This only gives a a net profit of 12 cents per vine. It is not inordinate, and as it is looked on as a good thing, it shows that some California newspaper figures may probably be relied on. Yet twelve cents from one vine, say every 16 square feet, makes about $300 profit to an acre, which is doing well enough in these hard times.

A.W. H. says: "Page 81 of the Monthly gives a profit of 35 cents per vine and over $960 per acre".

[It certainly does look a little that way. ■ But we are sorry that it is so, for we have conscientious scruples against believing that any one can make $960 clear profit per acre on grapes or anything else in California, or anywhere. - Ed. G. M].