It is interesting to note how the Royal Crown passes to various fruits, as they travel through our land. In Boston the pear would be the king of fruits; in New York, the apple; in Philadelphia, the strawberry: in Cincinnati, the grape; but in California the orange, with other members of the Citrus family, seems to be in the royal line of succession to the throne. "We have before us a report of a Horticultural meeting at Riverside in that State, where they seem to talk orange nearly all the while. One man is commended for raising an orange tree in a water bucket, which bore two oranges in that little kingdom of its own; but this feat is often equaled by our own Dutch house-wives "at home." Another claims the "largest orange - six inches in diameter;" but another we are afterwards told, had one "unsurpassed" collection, some "weighing a pound each." As showing the greatest variety, one exhibitor had thirty-four varieties of the Citrus family. We note by the proceedings that there are the same arguments in orange, as in peach or other culture, whether seedlings are better than budded fruit trees; with the same opposite conclusions.

The grape however comes in for some respect, especially as raisins: and the Riversidians are sanguine that California will drive all European raisins out of the American market.

The King orange, said to be only known to the Royal family of China, and beyond all others, truly delicious, was exhibited.