Storrs, Harrison & Co., Painesville, 0., write: "As there is considerable interest at present manifested in the different varieties of Catalpa, we mail you a pod of Catalpa Bungei. This Catalpa appears to be perfectly hardy here, and a free grower. Trees six years of asre are eighteen inches in circumference! We are growing the speciosa quite largely, but do not see as it is any hardier than this one. We imported this under' the name of Bungei, but as some of our leading nurserymen claimed Bungei to be a dwarf, not growing more than four or five feet tall, we thought the French nurserymen had made a mistake, and we supposed it to be bignonoides, but it differs from that variety even in the seeds".

[The French nurserymen are sustained by the authority of De Candolle. - Ed. G. M].