Mr. D. F. Fish, excellent authority, believes that some of the Hybrid Perpetuals will do to train as climbers, or pillar roses, and gives the Garden the following list:

"Neither must it be inferred from my silence about Hybrid Perpetuals that these are not suitable for the covering of dwelling-houses. On the contrary, they form the best material for this purpose. Of late years, too, climbing varieties of some of the finest Perpetuals have been produced, and we are now provided with climbing Bessie Johnson, Charles Lefebvre, Countess of Oxford, Edouard Morren, Geant des Batailles, Jules Margottin, Madame Eugene Verdier, Victor Verdier, etc. These alone - assuming that they are equal in quality to their non-climbing namesakes, which, however, several of them are not - would suffice to lighten up and clothe the barest mansion. The majority of the Hybrid Perpetuals are strong enough to climb or grow up to the height of the walls of ordinary dwelling-houses, provided they have good borders to start in and are well fed afterwards. The following may be specified as among those best adapted for the covering of dwelling bouses, stables, out-buildings, etc, viz., Alfred Colomb, Antoine Ducher, Abel Grand, Beauty of Waltham, Baronne Pre-vost, Boule de Neige, Centifolia rosea, Charles Lefebvre, Comtesse de Chabrillant, Docteur Andre, Duke of Wellington, Duke of Edinburgh, Duchess of Norfolk, Edouard Morren, Elie Morel, Etienne Levet, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Francois Michelon, General Jacqueminot, Glory of Walt-ham, Jules Margottin, La France, Madame Eugene Verdier, Madame Ferdinand Jamin, Madame Noman, Madame Victor Verdier. Madame Vidot, Marechal Vaillant, Marie Bau-mann, Marie Rady, Monsieur Noman, Mrs Lax-ton, Paul Neron, Senateur Vaisse, Sir Garnet Wolseley, Sultan of Zanzibar, Victor Verdier, Xavier Olibo. etc.

From this list, which might readily be doubled or trebled, it is obvious that if our dwelling-houses are not covered with roses it is at least for no lack of suitable material".