This plant, Bambusa variegata, grows to about four inches in height, having a wide grass-like leaf of a yellow-green tint, edged with white. The flower resembles the grape hyacinth, being of a purple blue tint, and similar in shape. Though recommended for the aquarium and fernery, the B. variegata or dwarf bamboo produces a very pretty effect when used as a border plant. It requires little or no trimming, the rain does not fade it or discompose its outlines; its leaves being firm in texture, upright, and glossy. It gives a distinct yet airy outline to the bed, yet does not impair the effect of other plants, as it keeps steadily to its subordinate position as a border plant. Last summer (1879), we saw in the grounds of T. Fairly, Florist, Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, some beds bordered with Dwarf Bamboo. The effect was pretty and unique. Directly within this border was placed a row of small plants resembling the house leek, the centre being filled with lai'ger plants. The border made a distinct outline in the grass. Seeing the excellence of this plant, and having tested its capabilities, Mr. F. is prepared to recommend it as a convenient and useful border plant.

Those desiring a plant that will require little or no attention during the summer, as to trimming, would do well to try it.