I send you to-day by mail, a flower for name, together with some leaves from the plant. Please inform us through the Monthly what it is. The tree is a "soft hard-wooded" plant, and looks capable of attaining a large size were it furnished with pot room to grow. The blossom always opens first in the night, after which it continues in bloom, several days; it loads the air with fragrance during the night, while in the day time the fragrance disappears, but can be made perceptible by placing it in a very dark room. It blossomed about October 1st, for the first time in this season, when I sent you a plant, but which you never received. We have no plants for sale, but if you think it a novelty, we have two large plants, and would be very happy to present you one in the Spring. [This is Datura, or as it is called Brugmansia arborea. It is a shrubby greenhouse plant, not uncommon. It is a capital thing for blooming out of doors in Summer time. - Ed. G. M].