What a misnaming there is of a large part of the varieties which go by the name of Hybrid Perpetual Roses ! Many splendid sorts in June, like Marie Rady, Jean Liabaud, and all of their type, yield no flowers in Autumn, unless it be an exceptional bloom on old plants. It is especially difficult to find a deep crimson that will give flowers of any quality at this season. The best one, as yet, is Louis Van Houtte, followed by Prince Camille de Rohan. Good bloomers of lighter shade than these two, are Alfred Colomb, Horace Vernet, Marie Baumann. Maurice Ber-nardin and Prince Notting will also do quite well if cut back when the June blossoming is over. In the light shades, that is rose and pink, we have somewhat more desirable Autumn roses than amongst the dark ones. Among them Fran cois Michelon and Marguerite de St. Amande stand first. Countess of Serenye is a beautiful rose in Autumn as indeed it is throughout the year. Abel Grand, hardly worthy of being retained for its June blossoms when we have so many finer, is a valuable fall sort, the blooms being fully produced and generally of better quality than in the Spring. Baroness Rothschild, La Reine, Mdlle. Theresa Levet, Paul Neyron, Rev. J. B. Camm, and all the Victor Ver-dier family, are free flowering kinds; the best of the latter are Mdlle. Eugenie Verdier, Countess of Oxford and Victor Verdier. Anne de Dies-bach, Boildieu, Baronne Prevost, Mme. Boll and Princess Charlotte, though not equal to the others, are all desirable.

The two Roses which will give the greatest number of really fine blooms after the first of July until cut off by the frost, are Marguerite de St. Amande and Francois Michelon.

Below is given in order of merit the best twenty-four autumnals; as La France now goes in the class of the Hybrid Teas, it is not included in this list; if it were, it would have the place of honor:

Light Colors

1. Francois Michelon,

2. Marguerite de St. Amande,

3. Countess of Serenye,

4. Abel Grand,

5. Mdlle. Theresa Levet,

6. Baroness Rothschild,

7. Mdlle. Eugenie Verdier,

8. Paul Neyrou,

9. Victor Verdier.

10. Countess of Oxford.

11. Rev. J. B. Camm,

12. La Reine,

13. Mme. Boll,

14. Princess Charlotte,

15. Boildieu,

16. Baronne Prevost,

17. Anna de Diesbach,

Dark Colors

1. Alfred Colomb,

2. Marie Baumann,

3. Horace Vernet,

4. Pierre Notting.

5. Maurice Bernardin,

6. Louis Van Houtte,

7. Prince Camille de Rohan.