Notes and Queries was not favored with proofs of his notices picked up from all sources, except the newspapers, else would Bam-ber wood have read Bamboo, and John Penn's home in England would have appeared as Stoke Park, not "State".

The late meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Science, it is encouraging to know, was the largest ever held. Professor Asa Gray read an essay on the Vegetation of the Rocky Mountains, which will be published in Hayden's report, and he entertained the members in the Botanic Garden. He is now in England.

The flower beds around Horticultural Hall at the Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, have the past season surpassed anything of the kind yet seen, as we hear foreigners as well as our own citizens, and again the editor of the Monthly frequently declare. The richest carpets do not equal what was here exhibited by the Landscape Gardener, Mr. Miller, and surely they were vastly more interesting as well as pleasing.