Some of our excellent fruit growers still insist, that jagging away at the young feeding roots of orchard trees all summer long is "cultivating" them. We have often shown that this kind of " cultivation has little more than antiquity to recommend it, - for it is ancient, as any one can see by referring to Ęsop's Fables. Our excellent practical cotemporary, the Garden seems to be of our opinion. It says:

" In passing by Kensington Palace the other day I saw men go through the old and sad process of cutting off all the points of the bushes and digging among their roots. The surface afterwards was, as usual, a mass of young fibres. It is curious how much that is wrong may be practised for ages by the very people who are supposed to know the right way. There is no more reason why the young roots should be mutilated annually in an established shrubbery than those of a young specimen Conifer on the lawn".