In reply to Mrs.R. P., page 237, having no sue cess with the cultivation of Cypripedium bar-batum, it is probable that the roots are in bad condition. I would advise to re-pot the plant at once in good, rough, fibrous peat, with a small portion of live sphagnum moss, well drain the pots so as to allow the water to pass through the compost freely. It requires plenty of water when growing; in fact, it should never be allowed to get dry. It is much subjected to a small light brown thrip, which greatly disfigures the leaves. I have found a good remedy to keep this pest down, is a little tobacco powder dusted upon the parts affected. It also requires a damp atmosphere with plenty of shade.

Respecting the plant of Bryophyllum calyci-num, - so named from bryo, to grow, and phyllon, a leaf, - in reference to the circumstance of the leaf, when laid upon damp earth, emitting roots whence arise young plants; this plant requires very little water and pot well drained. It flowers best when plunged in a little bottom heat; and requires a rich loamy soil, which suits it best.

In reference to a White Climber, I could not recommend any plant to suit your purpose better than Jasminum ligustrifolium. There are several other varieties of Jasminums that flower white and very early in spring, and are sweetly scented.