Having been very skeptical myself in regard to the amount of damage committed by the Rose Bug grub or maggot, 1 will give you the following experience of mine which may be of interest to the readers of the Gardener's Monthly, and has convinced me of the fact that it is a very dangerous pest to obtain a footing in greenhouses, especially where there are large specimens kept from year to year. I had a large Summit of Perfection geranium in" a 10-inch pot, which for no reason apparent to me, has looked sickly all winter, and yesterday I broke a piece out and some of the roots with it, and saw one of the grubs on them: so I at once took the plant out, broke the ball up carefully, and obtained no less than two hundred and twenty-eight grubs from the roots of that geranium which were gnawed all over, and not a live fibre on them except just at the top of the ball.