In the recent election in England for members of Parliament, one of the candidates for South Lincolnshire was Mr. Chas. Sharpe, the well-known seedsman. The other candidate was a gentleman of leisure, who rents out properties, and, amongst others, owned a book-stall at the railroad station. The following correspondence has been published:

Mr. Charles Sharpe, the Liberal candidate, received the following letter from the Rev. G. Potchett:

"Mr. Potchett has received an address 'To the Independent Electors of South Lincolnshire,' accompanied with a request of vote and interest from a 'Mr. Charles Sharpe,' of Slea-ford. If it is the same Mr. Sharpe who keeps a garden-seed shop in Grantham, Mr. Potchett hopes that a vast majority of the electors will mark their disapprobation of such arrogant and intense presumption.

" Denton, Grantham, April 1".

Mr. Potchett received the following reply: "Sleaford, April 3, 1880.

"Sir, - I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 1st inst., and I have the honor to inform you that I am the proprietor of the garden-seed shop at Grantham, and that I have the presumption to aspire to sit in the same house with the proprietor of the book-stall at Grantham Station. I am, sir, your obedient servant, Charles Sharpe.

" The Rev. G. Potchett, Denton".