"Subscriber," Syracuse,N. Y., writes: " Being a constant reader of your valuable Monthly, I would like to ask of you a little advice. I notice as I go from one greenhouse to another, that there are a great many plants, such as Carnations, Bouvardias, etc., that seem to damp, or rather rot off just at the neck of the plant. Could you inform me of the remedy, or what is the cause?"

[This is caused by a parasitic fungus at the roots, closely allied to the fungus which produces the yellows in the peach. It is too late to apply a remedy after they are in the house. The fungus is at work all through the Summer. In the case of the carnation you can readily detect it when growing out of doors by the yellowish color of the foliage as compared with the normal green. We have heard that watering with lime water is a good remedy, but have not tried it. - Ed. G. M].