Drip In Greenhouses

Many plant houses injure plants by permitting the condensed moisture or leakage to drop - to drip as gardeners say. To avoid this a groove is made at the end of the rabbet or the rafter, which conveys the moisture without letting it drop. Steep houses are less liable to injury from drip than those with flat roofs.

Models Of Noxious Insects

In Europe a brisk sale goes on with cheap models of Colorado potato beetle. People who want to know their enemy when they see him, do not mind a trifle to get a private view of their foe. It might be worth thinking about by people in this country who are disposed to make an honest penny, though not of course with the potato beetle which all know too well already.

Lennig's White Strawberry

Mr. E. P. Roe, in Scribner's Monthly, gives this white strawberry the high praise it deserves for its flavor. It is however one of that border-land class between staminate and pistillate, which often produces too many abortive flowers, and so is frequently a very poor bearer.

Grapes For Profit

Some vineyards in California last year are said to have realized a profit of $300 per acre. We suppose this is about the best that can be done, and would-be-rich viticulturists must expect that this is rather what they possibly may do, rather than what they will.

California Oranges

The papers tell us of a grower who received $50 per 1000 for his oranges, and expects to market 400,000 next year at these figures. It seems very high. We can buy the best of oranges at retail in Philadelphia for five cents each. Californians must pay more for an orange than we do. They had better emigrate to these parts and live cheaper.

Strawberries In Scribner

Scribner's Monthly has done a good thing in bringing the "Strawberry" before the great public, in a prettily illustrated article from the pen of E. P. Roe.

In easy but yet graceful style, Mr. Roe tells what he knows of the famous berry, and we are sure has interested thousands in the subject who scarcely gave a thought to the subject before. Articles like these do a world of good.

The Lady Washington Grape

We hear that this fruited last year in Georgia, and maintains a good character there.

Pear Growing In The South

An intelligent fruit grower from Georgia, recently remarked that if only the fire blight could be conquered, Pear growing would be far more profitable than growing Peaches.

Peach Growing

Some one in Georgia, whose name we have not, planted two hundred and eighty bushels of peach stones last fall. He evidently has faith that peach growing is not yet overdone.