Miss H. says: "Will you insert a query in the next issue of the Monthly as to whether there is any preparation known to preserve the color of dried plants; what it is, and from whence obtained?"

[Very fine sand has been used for drying fleshy flowers, like cactuses. The flower is stood up in a little of the sand at the bottom, and then more filled in inside the flower and outside till the vessel is full. If the sand is a little warm so much the better, but if too warm the flower is likely to be crisp, and it will break to pieces easy. In drying pressed flowers, the art is to dry them as rapidly as possible. Rich, showy flowers, like cactuses and orchids, before they are pressed, should be dipped for an instant in boiling water, when they preserve their showy colors remarkably. If any of our correspondents can add to these notes, we shall be thankful. - Ed. G. M].