Among the novelties the writer of this saw in the Paris markets a few years ago were Dwarf Dahlias. They were flowering freely in pots when not more than a foot high. The kind we then saw was pure white. They commenced to bloom very early in the season. Mr. Vick has found them to do well in this country. He has quite a collection of them, and gives the following as among the best.

Aurora, yellow, large.

Creedmoor, orange scarlet, sometimes tipped white.

Dawn, creamy ground, tipped with rose.

Dwarf Queen, purple, tipped with white.

Frauline Heltergot, light and rose, fine dwarf.

Gem of the Dwarfs, red, tipped with white.

Golden Bedder, flue yellow.

Groldfinder, golden yellow.

Leah, fine shade of orange, tinted with rose.

Meta Bartetles, very fine pink.

Mt. Blanc, clear white.

Pearl, pearly White.

Queen Victoria, canary yellow.

Rising Sun, large, intense scarlet.

Sambo, dark maroon.

Vulcan, deep red, large flower.