As winter-blooming plants, some of the species of this large genus of plants are very useful, and ought to get more attention from those requiring bright flowers during the dull season of the year. They are of easy culture and will repay the labor bestowed upon them to make them bloom abundantly. They are easily propagated by cuttings which if shifted on as they require, will make large plants in a short time. The soil I find most suitable for them is loam, and a good sprinkling of thoroughly decayed manure. Make it porous with a good addition of sand.

E. JacquinaBflora is one of the best for producing flowers suitable for bouquets and other floral devices. It produces its flowers from the axils of the leaves, along the shoots of the previous year's growth, forming beautiful floral wreaths of an orange scarlet color. The plant can be trained into any shape desirable by attention to training and pinching off the shoots during this season of growth. Planted into a border, and trained up the back wall of a greenhouse, they produce an immense number of flowers during the season.

E. splendens is a rough looking plant, the branches being closely set with stout spines. The flowers are of a bright red color, and produced in clusters which are splendidly adapted for bouquet making. It is also at home when planted in a border, and trained up a trellis or back wall, producing large numbers of flowers.