The Germantown Telegraph has just passed its fiftieth year under the sole and continued editorship of the well-known P. R. Freas. The most remarkable feature in this half century of work is that the paper is to-day as popular as it was at the start, and is considered by the knowing ones of the city to be an extremely valuable piece of newspaper property. The Germantown Telegraph is a living proof of the falsity of some beliefs, that to make a paper successful, humbug and sensationalism must be indulged in. No paper has been more free from these vices. No paper can boast of a more honorable career. For this example it is meet that not only his friends should congratulate the Editor on his long lease of life, - but every friend of a pure and independent press should feel to be his debtor.

How I wish I could have joined in the congratulations to my old friend Major Freas. Honor, renown and long-life to him; to him, the conscientious, steadfast and devoted patron of rural improvement. "