First Biennial Report Of The State Board Of Agriculture Of Kansas

From J. K. Hudson, Topeka, Secretary. Applicants for these should send 20 cents postage to the Secretary.

Cemetery Gardening

Mr. Robinson, the well known editor of the Garden, and author of the beautiful " Parks and Gardens of Paris," will soon issue a work especially on cemetery gai'-dening.


Mr. Robinson's "penny" venture under the above title has been a remarkable success. It has reached a circulation of 50,000. We are glad of it. The one who strives to add to the knowledge of those already intelligent, serves usefully in society; but he who takes knowledge down to the comprehension and within the means of the multitude, seldom acquires the fame the other does, yet is for all among the blessed in the usefulness of his labors.

The Irish Yew

This seems to be much hardier than the other forms of Taxus baccata, and probably from the closeness of its branches.

The one pressing against the other prevents cold winds from whistling through.

Popular Roses

The New York Horticultural Society offers premiums for the following kinds of hybrid perpetual roses. We may therefore regard them as among the most popular kinds in that section: Paul Neron. Baroness Rothschild, John Hopper, Baronne de Maynard, Captain Christy, Madame Lacharme, Paul Ricaut, Jules Margottin, Annie Wood, La France, Madame Victor Verdier.

The Globose-Seeded Phjenosperma (P. Glo-Bosa)

This is a very distinct new ornamental grass, producing an erect tuft of broadly-lance-shaped leaves, which are bright green above and glaucous below, with prominent ribs. The panicles rise above the foliage, and consist of several whorls of branches bearing globose spike-lets. It grows to the height of four or five feet, and is a native of China. - G., in Garden.

Queries. Ants

F. W. P., Baltimore, Md., says: "I would like to tell Mr. Meehan that the garden ants are a great plague to me, and would like to see in some future number what is the best means of riddance and protection, if I have the right or may take the liberty to ask or suggest such a question".

[A little gas tar put into their holes, or about where they are will drive them away. - Ed. G. M].

Large Marechal Neil Rose

Mr. Pearson, an English florist, cut from one plant last year 2000 flowers. Probably some of our large rose growers could beat this. We should like to know.

The Steel Blue Grape Beetle

This well-known enemy of the grape, which bores out the young buds as they grow in spring, has proved very destructive the past season in the vicinity of Doylestown, as we learn from the Bucks County, Pa., Intelligencer. A good remedy is much needed.