The florists of Philadelphia had a gala time at the late exhibition of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society. The highest premium for the most original floral design, $80, was taken by Hoopes, Bro. & Thomas, of West Chester. Queens on thrones, suns, moons and stars, old-fashioned fire-places, chimney-corners, star spangled banners, steamboats, and such like, were made out of flowers, and drew immense crowds.

Flowers as emblems are beautiful things. Worked into crosses, crowns, anchors and such like, they still have an expression; and in connection with human affairs are very pleasant associations. The hidden meaning rarely fails to please. It is wise to encourage these sympathetic sentiments. There is no doubt many a pretty idea yet to be brought out that will give pleasure to thousands. But it is not easy to find what sentiment is at the back of some of these things, or what earthly use they serve. Indirectly they have a use. They draw a crowd which pays its money and gets its price, - and the said money may then be devoted to useful purposes.