S. F. T., Saratoga Springs, writes: "I would like to know about forcing Lilliums candidum and longiflorum. How long it takes from the time of potting to flowering, soil, heat, etc? I wish you could make it convenient to issue the Monthly semi-monthly".

[We should be very glad if some of our readers who have had some actual experience would favor us by a reply. - Ed. G. M].

I submit to your consideration the following concerning Lilium candidum and L. longiflorum. In reply to S. F. T., of Saratoga Springs, I would state that we have grown Lilium candidum and L. longiflorum very successfully in the following manner. On the 15th of August we placed the bulbs in soil composed of two parts good loam, one part well-rotted manure, and one part bar sand; as they seem to like good drainage it would be well to place some screen ings in the bottom of the pots. We placed them in an open frame till Oct. 30th, and then put them in a house with slow heat. The bulbs first begin to sprout Nov. 28th. After Dec. 1st, we raised the heat to about 100° in the day time, and 80° at night. The first flower opened Feb. 8th. After this date they flower slowly at first, but the bulk of them come in a short time before Easter, until which time they may be kept.