In answer to the enquiry of S. F. T., in March number of Gardener's Monthly. Lilium candidum treated as a greenhouse plant is an object of great beauty. It blooms early and naturally, and with less care than most greenhouse plants. But to grow it successfully it is necessary to pot it as soon as the summer blooming is over, and the foliage begins to turn yellow, then give it a pot of generous size with any good fresh soil. It makes a fall growth of radical leaves like a strawberry plant, and to grow it well, it only requires to be potted early, as I have said, so that this fall growth is perfected while in the pot. Perhaps it is not necessary to add that it is this fall growth that prepares roots and perfects the flower buds for the next season. Its fragrance, purity of color, and stateliness of aspect, make it one of the most desirable plants for the greenhouse or window gardening.