The pleasures of gardening, both indoors and in the open air, are greatly promoted by the introduction of sweet scented flowers. At the present time in many collections, the Olea fragrans, Daphne Indica, Orange and Lemon give grateful perfume; and how pleased we all are to meet these old favorites when in bloom. Later on the Gardenias, Rhyncospermums, etc, blossom, and by a little judgment it is easy to have some sweet scented plants in flower the whole season through. To those accustomed to walk through the woods in the spring-time, the pleasure derived from the fragrant flowers need not be told. And many of us know how positively beneficial to the invalid is a bunch of delicately scented flowers. It gives instant pleasure by its sweetness, and awakens a desire to be able to be about to enjoy nature's gifts more fully.

We cannot do without our gay colored flowers for bedding and other purposes, but we ought to have our odoriferous plants more widely known. In almost all catalogues we find plants grouped under various headings, such as " Ornamental foliage," " climbing," " variegated, etc." I think it would pay to add what many often look for, viz., sweet scented plants.