For the information of a correspondent of the American Gardener's Monthly - who asks in what year this Fuchsia was raised, and who was its raiser? - we may state that it was raised some seven or eight years ago at the Forest Hill nursery of Messrs. John Laing & Co. Mr. Laing fertilized flowers of the old Fuchsia fulgens with the pollen of some of the best florists' varieties of that day, and in due time raised about a hundred seedling plants, amongst which were some very curious things - which were subsequently thrown away - and the subject of this note, which was certificated by the Royal Botanic Society on June 21, 1876, under the name of Laing's Hybrid, and again in July of the following year by the Floral Committee, under the name it now bears. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most useful decorative varieties that we have, but it has one fault, and a very curious one - it will not bear seeds. - Gardeners Chronicle.