G. H., Yarmouth Point, Mass., says: "I read in the Gardener's Monthly of 1862, p. 330, " German Method of Making Flowers Bloom in Winter." I put in a piece of lime about the size of an English walnut, and one about the size of a cherry to a quart of water each, and about one-third of an oz. of vitriol, but removed the lime and water before adding the vitriol water: it failed to bloom or leaf out. I put in lilac and other free-blooming shrubs. Please answer in next month's Gardener's Monthly why it failed".

[The article referred to was contributed by a highly intelligent lady botanist, - the late Elizabeth Morris of Germantown, and we know no more of it than that. It will be observed that she had herself some doubt of it, as she remarked, " I will not vouch for its success." - Ed. G. M].