Lady Washington

Originated by J. H. Ricketts, Newburg, K. Y. A cross between the Concord and Allen's Hybrid. Bunch very large, compact, shouldered; berry medium to large, deep yellow, pink where exposed to the sun; flesh tender, juicy and sweet, and very good. Vine vigorous, hardy and productive; leaves large and thick. Promising for the market and the amateur.


Also from Mr. Ricketts. A cross between Concord and Iona. First fruited in 1874. Bunch large, not very compact. Berry of medium size, deep pink, very vinous. Quality best. A showy variety. Foliage of Labrusca type.


From the same grower and origin. An accidental seedling of Clinton. Bunch medium: berry medium, blue black, very vinous, and promising as a wine grape. Foliage of cor-difolia type.


From the same grower. A cross between Clinton and Muscat Hamburg. Bunch large, loose: berry medium size, green tinged with bronze. Very juicy and high flavored. Quality best. Foliage of Labrusca type.

No. 1, B

From the same grower. Across between Hartford Prolific and Clinton. First fruited in 1877. Bunch large, cylindrical; berry medium, white, good. Foliage Labrusca.

No. 254

From the same grower. A cross between Martha and Sultana. First fruited in 1874. Bunch large; berry small, yellow, very juicy and high flavored; seedless. Quality best. Foliage of vinifera type. Vine vigorous, but only half hardy.


Originated by Mr. Wasserzieher, at Nauvoo, Illinois. A seedling of Taylor, First fruited in 1876. Bunch medium, compact; berry medium, yellowish green: resembles Elvira, but hardly equal to it in quality. It gives promise of value as a wine grape.

Dutchess, (Named From Dutchess County)

Originated at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1868. A hybrid between a White Concord Seedling and Walter. Bunch large; berry above medium size, greenish white, flesh breaking, very juicy, vinous; quality very good.

Poughkeepsie Red

Of the same origin as the preceeding. A hybrid of Walter and Iona. Bunch medium, compact, shouldered. Berry medium, pale red, vinous, sweet. Resembles Delaware and of equal quality. The foliage resembles Delaware.


Originated with Ellwanser & Bar-ry, Rochester, N. Y. An accidental seedling. Bunch large, compact, shouldered. Berry above medium size, reddish amber, very juicy and of good quality. Vine hardy and very prolific. The foliage resembles Delaware.


Of the same origin as the preceding. Bunch medium, compact. Berry large, blue black, sub acid, vinous; quality good. Vine hardy and vigorous.


Originated by Messrs. Hoag & Clark, Lockport, N. Y. First fruited in 1872. A cross between Concord and Cassady.' Bunch large, compact, shouldered. Berry large yellowish white. Flesh sweet and juicy. Quality good. Foliage large, lobed, very pubescent. Matures with Hartford.


Originated by John Pockling-ton, Sandy Hill, Washington Co., N". Y. A seedling of Concord. Bunch very large, shouldered, compact, berry very large, yellowish white. Flesh pulpy, juicy and vinous, quality hardly good, but the specimens were not fully ripe. Two of the members of the Committee, Dr. Burnet and Mr. Bateham, stated that they had seen the fruit in finer condition. A very showy fruit. Foliage very large and pubescent.

Hybrid Seedling

From Dr. W. A. M. Colbert, Newburg, N. Y. A cross between Iona and Muscat Hamburg. Bunch large, berry large, purplish black; pulp dissolving; quality very good.


A hybrid seedling. From W. H. Mills, Hamilton, Ontairo. Bunch medium: berry large, reddish, vinous: quality very good, vine hardy.

Seedling No. 3

From William Hawkins, Hamilton, Ontairo. Bunch and berry large, white, vinous and high flavored; quality best. A hybrid, vine hardy.

Seedling No. 10

From the same grower. Bunch and berry small, white, very sweet; skin tough; quality very good, vine hardy.


From P. C. Dempsey, Albury, Ontario. A cross between Black Hamburg and Concord. Bunch large, loose, berry large, purplish, vinous, very juicy, very good, vine hardy.

Seedling No. 60

From the same grower. White, vinous, very good. A hybrid. Hardy.

Hybrid Seedlings

From C. J. Copley, Staple-ton, 1ST. Y.

18 F

Berry very large, black, good, labrusca foliage.

14 F

Bunch large, compact; berry large, greenish white, lacks flavor, but may be be better in a good season.

Twenty-One Seedlings

From W. G. Hulker-son & Co., Oriel, Michigan. These originated from a single bunch of Wilder (Rogers No. 4,) and show considerable variation in size and color of berries, ranging from deep blue black to red. While none are improvements upon the parent, the results are such that future experiments in this line should be continued and encouraged.


Origin J. W. Prentiss, Pultney, Steuben Co., N. Y.; is a seedling of Isabella. Bunch medium, compact; berry medium, yellowish green: skin thick: flesh pulpy, but quite dissolving, juicy, sweet, with some flavor. Quality good to very good. Belongs to the Labrusca type. Ripens with Concord and keeps well. "Vine is very hardy and very prolific. A promising white grape.

Numerous other specimens of new varieties of grapes were examined, but being either inferior in quality or in an unsound condition they are not mentioned in this report.