E. M., Oxford, Miss., writes: " Will you be so kind as to give us in your valuable Monthly some account of the proper treatment of Alstromeria after they have bloomed? I had some to bloom beautifully, but now don't know how to care for them. And, about Pancratium. I cannot get them to put out a leaf. One bulb of P. maritiraum I've had in a pot for some four months. Its roots are in beautiful order, new made, and white, but it won't leaf. I have it potted like Amaryllis. And my Amaryllis Belladonna; they're askew. I bedded six fine bulbs in the spring of 79. Not a leaf until winter set in, when they began to grow, but of course were soon killed down by frost. This summer they are dormant again. Now, the books say it is hardy; but that would imply, I should think, that it would bloom a little as well au exist, else being hardy is no recommendation".

[At Oxford, Miss., the thermometer would probably seldom reach 20° in winter, and then not for long. Under these circumstances the two plants ought to flower by being left in the open ground, with a little protection to keep the frost from reaching the bulbs. - Ed. G. M].