Mrs. R. B. E., writes: " I notice Mr. Hovey says in his catalogue that this bulb is ' hardy with the protection of a cold frame, but is better taken up and planted in the spring like the Gladiolus.' Perhaps that is the better way to treat them, but the bulb is as hardy as a Tulip, nevertheless. I had a dozen and a half seedlings, which I grew from seed sown in April, the labels got misplaced, and they were not covered at all last winter. They were not over two inches deep, and one I found lying fully exposed, on the top of the ground, in March. Every one came up - that included - and made a strong growth, but did not flower, I suppose not being old enough. I do not know how old seedlings must be to flower, but I think there can be little doubt about the hardiness of a bulb that retains its vitality in this latitude, on top of the ground".