The increasing taste for flowers about dwellings calls for better means of heating than has hitherto been effected. Almost all attempts to use the regular house heaters fail; not because the air from the heater is dry, but because of sulphuretted gases. As these conservatories are only with plants in winter, and are thrown open in summer, separate and permanent heaters are undesirable. There is nothing better than a portable hot water boiler; which could be put up in a few minutes, and taken down when not wanted.

Heating Small Conservatories 11

Looking through our advertising colums we note many excellent forms of boilers for large work. Some of them portable, but none that seems just what is needed for these little conservatories and window attachments; small, effective and cheap. We give the accompanying from an English source, which seems something like what we in America want. Here we have a furnace and boiler combined, with twenty feet of four-inch pipe, and all the necessary fittings complete for $25. It may be that there is already some contrivances of the kind in existence in our country. If there is, it would, we think, be profitable to advertise them. We are satisfied that if some cheap and easily managed heating apparatus like this were introduced, small greenhouse or bay window plant culture would rapidly increase. There is no one but likes flowers about the house, if it be not too inconvenient or expensive to care for them.