Possibly in no department of gardening has there been such wonderful progress made as in the art of propagation. It is pleasant reading to go back over the gardening of magazines of but a quarter century ago, and see how much was made of propagating houses, propagating tanks, propagating glasses, and other et ceteras, and to note that the art of the propagator was ranked almost with art of the magician. Now all this is changed Good common sense is yet needed to be a sueoessful propagator. Here before us is an old treatise on layering carnations, and cuts something like these, showing how things should and should not be done abound. And then most of us older ones can tell of the days and days spent in bending over carnations as well as other things, slitting and rutching and pegging down carefully every little bit of wood that could be held between the finger and thumb. Now it is so different. The carnation shoots, as well as the shoots of any other thing, are taken off in immense quantities, stuck in by the small boy in sand boxes, and these put in anywhere where it is a little warm, a little shady, regularly moist, without continued watering - and this is the whole art and mystery of the thing.

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