It may interest some of the readers of the Gardener's Monthly to learn that the city of Cincinnati is famous for its florist and cut flower trade The Cincinnati Floral Company takes one of the leading parts in this business They have a very large and extensive arrangement of greenhouses situated at College Hill, where are grown some very fine specimens of exotic plants, as well as plants to suit the large demand for their cut flower trade. Two large houses are devoted to huge specimen Palms, Ferns, Marantas, Philo-dendrons, Pandanus, Crotons, Dieffenbaehias, etc. Litania borbonica, 12 by 14 feet, Sabal princeps, 8 by 10 feet, Chamaerops Fortunei, 9 by 11 feet, Areca lutescens, a noble plant, Seaforthia elegans. a fine specimen, 14 feet high, Cocos Wedeliana, Kentiabelonoreana, etc, also a grand plant of Maranta princeps. These plants are eminently adapted for decoration of apartments, and many species produce a charming effect in the flower garden during the summer months when protected from the direct rays of the sun. One house is devoted to large specimen Ferns of great variety, and another to new beautiful and rare plants. Two large houses for the large demand ofSmilax. There is now a very fine house of Grapes just fit for market.

The house is 24 by 200 feet, filled with Black Hamburg and Muscat of Alexandria. They expect to cut about 3000 pounds weight of fruit out of this house. The floral company has also erected some very fine rose houses, probably the finest in the States; they are three in number, planted with Bon Silene, Safrano, Isabella Sprunt, Marshal Niel; also a very fine house filled with the very best varieties of Camellias. Great credit is also due to the Cincinnati Floral Company for their fine selections of bedding plants, - the great varieties; and no expense has been spared to secure the very best sorts and they are grown by the thousands and shipped to all parts of the Union. Any visitors coming to Cincinnati are respectfully invited to see the Greenhouses, etc., and by calling at the office and store of Cincinnati Floral Com pany, 187 and 189 W. Fourth Street, will be directed to their College Hill establishment, where they can spend a very happy time in the beautiful grounds which are kept in the best of order. I would also say that this enterprising company was started only two years ago and is making great progress in their undertaking.

Great credit is due to them for the practical manner in which they conduct their business.