Messrs. Baird & Tuttle say that "Isham Sweet was sent out by F. K. Phoenix about four years ago. Originated with Mr. Isham, of Delaware, Wis. We have seen the fruit, and believe it possesses qualities which no other apple of its season has. Mr. Phoenix regarded it very highly, and thought it was destined to occupy a high position among apples. It has been tested in Minnesota, Vermont, and in many other States, and so far reports have been very favorable. It is a seedling of Bailey Sweet from Southern Wisconsin, fruited eight years. Fruit large, fine, red, more oblong than its parent, a good grower, very hardy and very productive; of much finer grain, more juicy and a much better keeper than the Bailey Sweet; quality best. Keeps through winter".

W. H. P., Kingston, Rhode Island, says: " I see notice of the Isham Sweet apple in your paper recently, in which after speaking of the tree you speak of the fruit as follows: Of much finer grain, more juicy, and a much better keeper than the Bailey Sweet; quality best, keeps through the winter. The underscoring is mine. I want to find the best rich sweet apple which will keep through the winter. Do you know the Isham to be such? If not the best, please name the best kind of winter sweet you know "suited to this Rhode Island latitude".

Isham Sweet Apple


[We suppose no one has fruited the Isham Sweet in Rhode Island, and the best for local culture depends wholly on local experience. We should be much obliged if some Rhode Island correspondent will tell us what sweet kinds have been found to do best there. - Ed. G. M].