L. P., Pittsburg, Pa., writes: I am advised to use Kentucky Blue Grass for a lawn, - but I should suppose a green lawn is the great desideratum, and the blue of this grass disagreeable. What is your opinion?"

Kentucky Blue Grass makes an excellent lawn grass. It generally crowds out all less desirable plants, and makes a close, tough sod. It is not blue in Pennsylvania, though darker than other grasses, except when manured with phosphates or chlorides, when it has a shade equal to the Kentucky grown article. It is the soil of Kentucky that gives it the peculiar tint there which suggested the name. The only Blue Grass in Pennsylvania is Poa compressa, and which is the " Blue Grass" of the botanists. It is, however, of little value to agriculturists, and has no popular name, or at least none that is generally accepted. The only " Blue Grass" of the seed trade is the " Kentucky Blue Grass," and you are not likely to get hold of the botanist's Blue Grass in making your lawn.