C. E. P. writes: " In the Monthly for February, page 40, I notice some remarks on Ligustrum Japonicum, by C. A. D.; also your request for specimens. I do not know L. ovalifolium, and can find no description of it in any work that I possess, and I hope that C. A. D. will give me some description of it, if the enclosed specimen is not L. ovalifolium. In justice to myself however, I wish to say that I received my plant under the name of L. Japonicum, from Parsons & Sons Co., and I think that it must be correct to name: as we have purchased trees and plants from Parsons & Co., for the past thirty years, and I have yet to find a tree or plant sent out by them to be incorrectly named".

[These Ligustrums need to be worked up when in flower by some competent botanist. From different samples that have been sent to us in leaf only, they appear to be all garden forms of Ligustrum lucidum, the Chinese Privet. - Ed. G. M].