Name and occupation of the correspondent. Address and date. I beg to answer the following questions:

1st. Which are three most perfect roses as regards construction and form, substance, shape, habit and scent in the following colors? A. - Hybrid Perpetuals and Bourbon Roses, a, pure white; b, tinted white, blush and flesh color; c, pale pink and light rose: d, bright pink and deep rose; e, carmine; f, scarlet and Vermillion; g, purple and crimson; h, dark crimson, brownish and blackish maroon; i, violet; k, striped.

B. - Teas and Noisettes, 1, pure white or slightly tinted; m, blush and pink, rose; n, tinted pink and rose; o, pale and bright yellow; p, yellow tinted.

2d. Which are the three most beautiful Moss Roses?

3d. Which five varieties of roses are the greatest favorites and the most generally cultivated in the district of the correspondent?

4th. Which five roses distinguish themselves especially - a, through their uninterrupted blooming (5); b, through superior scent (5); c, through their hardiness and insensibility against frost (5)?

5th. Which five Hybrid Perpetuals are the freest and most abundant bloomers - a, for the summer (5); b, for the autumn (5)?

6th. Which are the ten best roses for forcing?

7th. Which five varieties are best adapted for cultivation in the room?

8th. Which are the three most beautiful pillar roses?

9th. Which ten novelties from 1873 till 1878 are of such remarkable beauty that their cultiva. tion and distribution can be recommended without the slightest hesitation?

10th. Which are the ten best English raised roses?"