Galvanized wire may do great injury to climbing plants. Make a note of this.

Terra Cotta. There is a story going the rounds of an ignorant traveler, who in reading exhibition catalogues, asked who was Terra Cotta. Quite as bad is the case which a staid monthly asks: Who was Robin that sued Acacia? The too little cultivated and beautiful tree Robinia Pseud-Acacia had been discussed.

Our goodly heritage. The International Review says the crops of cotton of 1878 and 1879 were the largest ever raised. The ten crops of 1852 to 1861, inclusive, being the last crops raised by slave labor, 34,995,440 bales. The ten crops of 1S70 to 1879, inclusive, being the last ten crops raised by free labor, numbered 41,454,743 bales. It will surprise many to find that only about nine per cent, of our total grain product is exported. * * Until 1870 it was the opinion of railroad men that they could not profitably engage in the transportation of grain from Chicago to New York at a lower rate than forty cents per hundred pounds, or twenty-four cents per bushel. During 1879 grain has been shipped from Chicago to Liverpool for seventeen cents a bushel, a rate but little greater than that which prevailed between Buffalo and New York by canal ten years ago.

A Florida correspondent believes the Algerians of the interior are not Turks, as they lost that title some years ago. We may give it up, but would ask the writer if he believes the inhabitants of Alsace and Lorraine have renounced their religion and turned Protestants because of annexation? We agree they should be called Mahometans. As to the silk-hatching on women's bodies, we make no objection, but fear it is attended by a bad odor.