We all like to hear of original occupations succeeding: many things of value are neglected as will hereafter appear in these notes. To-day we introduce a novelty in American culture. M. Desire Corbin, a French gardener, selected the growing of watercresses, and established himself at No. 517 Lebanon avenue, West Philadelphia, above Hestonville, where in a modest way, always increasing, he began his labors. Soon a market was discovered and a sale ready for all he produced, and he soon added the cultivation of Brussels sprouts, both articles esteemed, particularly by foreign residents. He has now commenced to compete for the mushroom premium offered by the lately President of the Germantown Horticultural Society of fifty dollars, - and he will earn it. Readers may look out for a supply of this delicious edible, and if we are not mistaken M. Desire's ambition will be rewarded with all he could desire.