As we are sending our matter to press we have news of the death of Mr. Bateham, on the 5th of August, in his sixty-seventh year. Although born in England he was educated in America, and started in early life as a seedsman, and with a great fondness for literary pursuits. The earliest acquaintance of the writer with Mr. Bateham was as editor of the Ohio Cultivator, and he can bear testimony to effective zeal with which he devoted his pen to the service of agriculture and pomology during the past thirty years.

The American Pomological Society, the Ohio Pomological and Ohio Horticultural Societies had in him an original supporter, if not indeed in many respects an originator. Though tall and well-built, he never appeared to be in robust health, and though he has died comparatively young when we consider the age of many of his associates, the immense amount of useful work he has accomplished is surprising, and he will be long gratefully remembered, especially in Ohio, to the prosperity of which State much of his unselfish work was directed.