M. Souchet

This French horticulturist has died recently. He is well known as the raiser of many Gladiolus and other florists' flowers, and to fruit-orowers through having first sent to this country the raspberries Hornet and Souchetii.

Michigan Pomological Society

This beautiful and very useful volume is rendered more attractive by being embellished by a portrait of T. T. Lyon, who, as our readers know, eminently deserves any honor the Michiganese can bestow on him.

An International Park

The London Times suggests that any surplus in the Geneva award might be devoted to making an International Park of the Falls of Niagara and surroundings. Whether it is done in that way or not, it would be a grand thing for the United States and Canada to do together. The London Garden also has a plea for the International Park idea, and names Mr. Olmsted as the man to carry it out - a recommendation that would be heartily seconded in America.

Henry Cannel Geranium

A few weeks ago I received a small plant of this geranium from Mansfield Milton, Youngs-ton, Ohio, it is now in bloom and is one of the finest semi-doubles I have seen: the color is a flaming scarlet with very large, individual flowers forming a bold truss thrown well above the foliage. The habit of the plant is compact, with a bright zone in the leaf; when this becomes better known it will be a general favorite.

Tea Rose Comtesse Riga Du Parc

This is the subject of the colored plate in Journal de Roses for February. In reminds one somewhat of the famous old Triomphe de Luxemburg, which has nearly disappeared from cultivation now. It is, however, of a much darker shade than that.

Glass Roofs

Gardener's Magazine recommends that instead of slate or shingles, glass - thick glass that would resist hail - would do as" well. Then we could have nice winter greenhouses at the top of our dwellings; and, no doubt, some contrivances could be introduced that would cool off the heat in summer weather.

Begonia Hybrida

C. inquires: Will some of the readers of the Monthly tell me who raised Begonia hybrida multiflora? In what year was it raised, and between what varieties is it a hybrid?


E. says: Will you or some of your readers please give me the names and descriptions of ten of the best and most distinct double varieties of Azalea Indica, also a list of the best and most distinct single varieties.

Blight, Mildew And Rust

Mr. R. P. Speer has in the Cedar Falls (Iowa) Gazette a very exhaustive paper on the above topics. He believes fruit trees never blight seriously except after remarkably warm, damp weather. Mr. Speer believes that fungi are connected with the diseases named; but that previous circumstances unfavorable to vital power, aid the germination of the fungoid spores.