Among the deaths of the past month we are sorry to note that of Mahlon Moon, nurseryman of Morrisville, near Philadelphia. Mahlon Moon was a member of the Society of Friends, and always had a warm love for plants and flowers and general rural life. The nursery business was an outgrowth of this love, and his establishment became quite famous for rare plants. Advanced in life, he had the satisfaction of seeing his tastes worthily inherited by his son, and has not labored much in business recently. He fell dead instantly while taking a quiet walk on the piazza of his dwelling house.

In a letter of a Bristol correspondent of a city paper, we learned that " Mahlon Moon, the well-known florist of this place," died in the manner indicated in our last. We are now informed that it was "Mahlon Moon, flourist," of that place, who was referred to. The identity of name, and similarity of flour with flower is so remarkable, that it is no wonder the correspondent or his printer got the matter mixed. It is a pleasure to add that Mahlon Moon, nurseryman, is remarkably well for one of his years.