Those who make the most money in business are often those who have the knack of making two or more things work into each others hands. Now some people will go to work to make a business of poultry raising, and yet not make near as much profit on them as he who raises poultry and also has a good farm. The people who are settling on the dry deserts of Colorado, and have to irrigate by water from the snowy mountains, are now finding that they may as well utilize the water by letting fish swim in it, before using it for irrigation. When in Salt Lake some years ago the writer saw very successful trout ponds made from the mountain streams on the farm of Mr. Woodruff. Now there are companies expressly organized in some of these cities for the purpose of combining fish culture with the water supply. One has been recently organized in the city of Greeley.

Fruit Culture in England is said to be declining, chiefly from the ease with which fruit can be imported from the Continent and from America; and also because the production under glass by artificial means has been brought to great success.